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Eastern USA Relishes Swami Mukundananda Lectures

Eastern USA Relishes Swami Mukundananda Lectures

Hundreds of people welcomed Swami Mukundananda lectures and programs enthusiastically in Connecticut, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Swamiji also unveiled his latest book – The Art and Science of Happiness, publishe…

West Coast Retreat 2023 with Swami Mukundananda

Blissful West Coast Retreat in 2023 - 500 Soak in Divine Bliss

A record 500 people worldwide relished the showers of grace and bliss at the JKYog West Coast Retreat 2023. Swamiji graciously lectured on Chapter 8 of the Bhagavad Gita - Akshar Brahma Yog, dealing with the path of light and darkness, Vedic concepts…

Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 West Coast LTP Highlights

Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 a Huge Hit - West Coast LTP Highlights

Swamiji’s USA Tour 2023 is a superhit from the get go. At every tour stop, several hundred people, who previously watched Swamiji only on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, queued up to meet him in person and get their copies of his bestselling books p…

Sanskriti Grand Finale Image

Sanskriti International 2022 – A Global Extravaganza Rejoicing Indian Culture!

Sanskriti International Grand finale 2022 was celebrated on the auspicious eve of 18th December 2022. Sanskriti International is a humble attempt by JKYog to appreciate the richness and versatility of Indian culture. This year, more than...


Preserve Indian Culture Globally Sanskriti International

Preserve Indian Culture globally - Sanskriti International is an initiative by JKYog to foster love and respect for millennia spanning Indian culture which drives Indians’ success in every field.


How To Celebrate Diwali 2022 Swami Mukundananda

How to Celebrate Diwali by Swami Mukundananda – in his 2022 Diwali address Swamiji dispels Diwali cliches and misconceptions about “victory of good over evil”.