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Swami Mukundananda

Hyderabad: Celebrate Mind over Matter

Dec 09, 2019 | Source : The Hans India

Hyderabad: Swami Mukundananda, a well-known motivational speaker on mind management, along with Nagaiah Kamble, Deputy Director, I&PR, Telangana, and Dr G. Rameshwar Rao, Chairman of Institution of Engineers, on Sunday his new book – 7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness and Fulfillment – mapping out the key formula to maximising happiness and fulfillment in life while achieving success.

n the book the 7 mindsets for success, happiness and fulfillment, Swamiji reveals that the major breakthroughs in life comes from places we least expect. He also provides easily understandable, clear and simple action items that help transform the reader. By redirecting one's efforts and changing the focus away from the usual places if one is not getting any results, one can leverage the same effort for the positive outcomes

Blending science with Vedic scriptures, and logic with spiritual insight, Swami Mukundananda shared the secrets of the 7 mindsets—seven techniques of training the mind and intellect and unlocking the immense potential within, in this book. Swamiji will also be delivering a seven-day lecture series highlighting the scriptural wisdom behind the topics covered in the book. The lecture series starts from December 8 and will end on December 14, from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Institution of Engineers, Khairatabad. As part of this lecture series, renowned dignitaries in various fields will be attending as chief guest to share their success stories

Swamiji amalgamates his decades-long mastery of Vedic scriptures with powerful yet simple techniques for mind management and life transformation. The book teaches the reader that mental attitude which is nothing but our ability to manage our mind. This distinguishes the successful from the failures and that inner transformation, and not external validations, has a greater role to play in our success, happiness and fulfillment, and it can be achieved just by changing ones outlook and attitude.

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