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Cultivate detachment

Nov 28, 2019 | Source : TheHindu

The way to cultivate detachment to worldly attractions and attachment to one’s duty is to lead life with the view that the whole universe is the temple of God in which each one is fortunate to live. Every moment, be it tense, pleasant or sad, lived and savoured with the perception that God is not someone inapproachable but the constant witness and overseer of all, leads to equanimity, pointed out Swami Mukundananda in a discourse.

The Lord comes out of only one pillar in response to Prahlada’s faith. But till date He is present in each and every innumerable animate and inanimate aspects of the entire universe. Realised souls see divinity everywhere. With utmost devotion they dedicate whatever they eat, speak and do to God and the Lord willingly accepts their offer. Saint Tukaram exemplifies the truth that the secret of spiritual success is to view even calamities as opportunities to cultivate detachment and vairagya towards this world. He is a householder whose wife is concerned about everyday life while he is constantly engaged in singing the glory of the Lord. Despite valid reason for reacting to her nagging nature, he sees this as a precious chance to never get attached to the world.


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