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Sanskriti International 2022 – A Global Extravaganza Rejoicing Indian Culture!

Bal Mukund / April 15, 2023

Sanskriti Grand Finale Image

The much-awaited Sanskriti International Grand finale 2022 was celebrated on the auspicious eve of 18th December 2022. Pujya Swamiji inaugurated the auspicious event by lighting the ceremonial lamp, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening of culture, talent, and celebration.


The Grand finale begun with a powerful introduction by the host by reflecting the words of Mark Twain, the father of American Literature, on the significance of Indian culture. In his words, “India is the greater of the human race, the birthplace for human speech the mother of history, grandmothers of legends and the great grandmother of tradition. The most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only.

Sanskriti International is a humble attempt by JKYog to appreciate the richness and versatility of Indian culture. This year, more than 50 online contests were conducted on multiple categories and people around the globe participated. There were about 800 registrations, and it was a very tight competition.

The grand finale started with a beautiful reflection of the grandeur of Indian Culture as Indians all over the world paused to reflect and ponder over its greatness. While in majority of the world today, where humans are treated as the center of universe and exploitation is happening almost everywhere as we believe everything exists for our utilization and our enjoyment and the notions like eco friendliness and go green is being treated as highly modernized, it is astonishing that here is one ancient culture more than 5000 years old that is flourishing even today and talks about highly sophisticated concepts like, coexistence, unity in diversity, adaptability and universal acceptance. It was indeed an ecstatic moment to have a deep appreciation for our Indian culture as it stands timeless by providing us a strong purpose of life and nurturing our souls with spirituality.

Our true identity is that we are the souls, and our true happiness is achieved by living a God conscious life. This fundamental principle is the bloodline of our Indian culture and is clearly reflected in various art forms like music, dance, singing, painting, drawing, etc.

To celebrate the richness of our great Indian culture as well as to spread the awareness of the positivity that it emanates, Swami Mukundananda ji envisioned this global event called Sanskriti International. Since its modest beginnings only a few years ago in Connecticut USA, Sanskriti International has spread its influence worldwide due to innovativeness and adaptability in a rapidly changing world. Currently, it offers over 50+ online contests highlighting various aspects of Indian culture and spirituality, for all age groups in performing arts, literary arts, and visual arts categories and encourages creative use of print and digital media. Anyone anywhere can participate and highlight their talent!

Mr. Madhu Reddy, who not only have a deep appreciation for the Indian culture but has been a great supporter of Sanskriti and its concept to spread awareness and appreciation for Indian culture was our platinum sponsor for this grand event for this year as well.

Following the heartwarming introduction and a deep reflection of the value of our culture, came a surprising element as a humble attempt to express tribute to Swamiji for all the service he's rendering unto humankind and the community at large. For the first time ever, in JKYog, introduction about Swamiji and the different projects that are ongoing under his leadership were presented in a Sand Art!

A picture’s worth a thousand words. The sand art took the breath away of hundreds of people who watched the event online, with its spectacular and lifelike visual exposition and evoking in everyone’s heart, a deep sense of love and immense gratitude for Swamiji for his tireless noble work and transforming lives with knowledge and utmost compassion.

Following the magnificent sand art was the much-awaited speech by Swamiji. Swamiji has given a deep sense of purpose of this human form and how our Indian culture always teach us to grow in our higher self. Swamiji said, “Saints and scriptures tell us culture and dharma are what distinguish us from the animals and the other creatures”. He related a story that is told of swami Vivekananda that goes to say what we perform is the world are performed even by the animals they come under four eating, sleeping mating and defending. Culture is what distinguishes human from animal. Without culture we cannot justify our humaneness. Swamiji emphasized that devotion to God is at the heart of Indian culture, and when we cultivate this devotion in our hearts, it naturally enhances our abilities and performances in various art forms. In the Indian tradition, the finest literature, music, dance, and architecture were all inspired by devotional themes, created with the aim of expressing love for the Divine. Rather than focusing solely on developing our skills and abilities, we should also strive to develop the quality of our hearts by cultivating devotion to God. When we approach our artistic pursuits with a heart full of love and devotion, our performances will be enriched beyond our wildest imaginations.

As the event progressed, the anticipation grew for the announcement of winners in each contest. However, the entertainment didn't stop there. Throughout the event, there were a variety of interesting and engaging enactments that kept the audience entertained and captivated. From lively dance performances to thought-provoking skits, there was something for everyone. These performances added an extra layer of excitement and energy to the event, creating a truly unforgettable experience for all who participated.

The event had guest speakers - Nidhi Pant, co-founder of Science For Society - S4S Technologies, Dr. Niveditha, and Ishanvi, whose Youtube channel called Laasya has over 2.6M subscribers, and the young and talented Little Chef Kicha. Their valuable insights and perspectives on the significance of culture added a unique flavor and spice to the event, making it all the more enriching and insightful.

The excitement of the Sanskriti International 2023 Grand Finale continued to build as the much-anticipated announcement of the contest winners drew near. Anticipation was high as the audience eagerly awaited the results, and when the winners were finally revealed, the air was filled with cheers and applause.

The culmination of this wonderful finale was the announcement of the winners of The Sanskriti Idol title.  All the contestants and the viewers eagerly awaited as Swamiji himself will be announcing the winners of the Sanskriti Idol Title. Swamiji declared the winners in both the children and adults' categories, acknowledging their immense talent, dedication, and contributions towards enriching and promoting Indian culture. The Sanskriti Idol title served as the crowning moment of the entire program, a recognition to the remarkable efforts and skills of the participants, and a fitting tribute to the enduring legacy of Indian culture.

Overall, the Sanskriti International 2023 Grand Finale was a resounding success, bringing together people from all corners of the world to celebrate and honor Indian culture. We are forever grateful to Swamiji for imparting profound spiritual knowledge and divine wisdom that has transform hundreds of thousands of lives. His presiding speech during the grand finale was a reminder of the power of devotion and the importance of cultivating the purity of heart in all our endeavors. The success of this event was a testament to the power of technology and the spirit of community, as participants and audience members alike came together virtually to share their love for Indian Culture. We eagerly anticipate next year's Sanskriti International event and all the ways it will continue to showcase the beauty and diversity of Indian culture.