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The art of staying in control and being happy

Dec 10, 2019 | Source : The New Indianexpress


HYDERABAD: This beast is an elusive one. Though most of us spend our entire lives in pursuit of happiness, few attain it. What is the secret behind everlasting joy? Why do some people always seem to be in control of their lives, while others are always at their wits’ end, unable to cope up with their daily rigmarole? Does destiny play a role in shaping the events of our lives? How to be free of stress and overcome obstacles in our lives?/

Authored by Swami Mukundananda, ‘7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness & Fulfilment’ aims to provide answers to all these questions, and some more. The book was launched at an event held at Visvesvarayya Bhavan, The Institution of Engineers, Khairatabad on Sunday.

Explaining about the book, Swami Mukundananda said, “Everybody wants success, happiness and fulfillment. People spend their lifetime seeking these attributes. But very few actually achieve these. The problem is, we tie up our success and happiness with external circumstances, which are not in our hands. But what is always in our control is our thinking. In the book, I have explained that the biggest key to success, happiness and fulfillment is the way we think. There are seven ways to think which, if we practice, we will find ourselves rising on the ladder of success.”

On his realisation towards the path of spirituality, Swami Mukundananda said, “I was looking for something that I wasn’t sure of. After my engineering at IIT, during my MBA at IIM, I came in touch with spiritual knowledge. I discovered that spirituality is a perfectly valid and bonafide science. Today’s engineers are concerned with external engineering, but there is a technology for mind management, which I am happy to share. There are so many engineers today. But there is a need for people who can understand and explain this ‘inner technology’”.

The seven mindsets include – positive thinking, taking responsibility for our emotions, inspiration, purity of intention, cultivating knowledge, discipline and growing in the face of problems. The content is presented in an easy-to-understand language with lots of anecdotes, which makes for an interesting read.
Swami Mukundananda will also be delivering a seven-day lecture series highlighting the scriptural wisdom behind the topics covered in the book.

The lectures are being held at Institution of Engineers, Khairatabad, from 6 pm to 8 pm, and will end on December 14. Renowned table tennis player Naina Jaiswal, Indian Idol Season 9 winner LV Revanth and others are slated to take part as chief guests in the series.

Chairman of The Institution of Engineers (India), Telangana state, Dr G Rameshwar Rao, philanthropist Valla Srinivas Rao, CadSys India managing director Harish Rangacharya and others took part in the book launch.

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